Rebuilding Your Home: Infidelity in Committed Relationships

Written by: Courtney Kershaw.   People seem to love home makeover shows. Entire networks are dedicated to rebuilding, re-styling, and re-designing homes from the ground up. And what’s the most exciting part?  Is it the drama of how the designers overcome unexpected obstacles?  Is it seeing them find that one accent piece that makes all the difference in a room?  Is it the big reveal at the end when you see a transformation you couldn’t have imagined? Maybe it’s a little bit of everything. You need all those parts to make the house come together in the end. But in so [...]

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Communicating with Your Loved Ones: Sometimes It’s Complicated

Written by: Courtney Kershaw.   I was having a conversation with someone the other day about the challenges of communicating with loved ones. She was saying that recently it’s become clear to her that there is a wide gap between how she is able to talk with colleagues or casual acquaintances as opposed to her closest people.  I know she’s not the only one to feel this way because I identified with the struggle as well. So why is it sometimes the hardest with the people we love? After thinking on this for a while the simplest answer seemed to be [...]

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How to Nurture Family Relationships and Promote Change and Harmony

For many people, familial relationships are incredibly important. Whether it’s your relationship with your child, your children’s relationships with one another, or relationships within a blended family—you likely strive to keep them strong. Unfortunately, as much as you may try to keep the peace, arguments are going to crop up from time to time. Sometimes these disagreements could escalate, leading to icy relations within the family. If you’re struggling to nurture your family’s relationships, don’t lose hope. There are  things you can do to help promote harmony in your household, making your family unit stronger than ever. Consider some of them. [...]

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Couples, How Does Ambition Impact Your Relationship?

What factors impact a relationship? On the “plus” side of the ledger, you might list trust, love, lust, compatibility, and more. Running counter to those concerns might be suspicion, poor communication, distance, etc. Where would ambition fit in? On which side — plus or minus — would you list personal initiative and drive? Well, it’s a bit of a trick question. Ambition can mean anything without context. How ambition impacts your relationship might depend on how it’s expressed. Also, the strength of your foundation plays a major role. To make matters more confusing, we may each have our own definition of [...]

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Why is Counseling for Teens so Helpful? – Consider 4 Key Benefits

As a parent, you’re doubtless aware of most things that teens face today. It’s a time of intense pressure and often of confusion. Some teens move through these years with confidence and few problems. But many others do not. Counseling has been shown to effectively help teens across a wide range of issues. These can include very serious problems, such as depression, suicidal feelings, and anxiety. But there are many other issues—problems in classes, uncertainty about future careers, and irritation with their parents—for which teens can also find solutions through the guidance of a counselor. While the advantages of counseling are [...]

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Lost Love? – 6 Steps to Life After a Long-term Relationship

Letting go of a long-term relationship can turn your life upside down. One moment, you were picturing your future with this person. And the next moment, they were no longer in your life. Suddenly, all your plans have changed, and your emotions are a mess. Maybe you knew it was time to say goodbye. But even if it was the right decision, you still feel lonely. You’re sad, confused, and teary-eyed. You wonder if you’ll ever mend your broken heart.  Getting over your ex might seem impossible now. But there is life after the end of a long-term relationship. Here’s how [...]

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Facing Relationship Challenges Together – 6 Tips for Becoming a Team

Any relationship will face its fair share of ups and downs. When you enter a partnership, you are entering a supportive, cooperative collaboration. This means that you will have to work as a team to overcome the more difficult times respectfully and productively. Whether you’re facing money problems, job loss, lifestyle disagreements, or even infidelity, these challenges can prove detrimental for your relationship if not handled properly. By joining forces and striving to overcome your challenges, you give your relationship its best chance for survival. Of course, this begs the question: how do we work together as a team?  1. Strive [...]

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6 Warning Signs of Emotional Abuse in Your Relationship

When people hear the word “abuse,” they often think of physical abuse. But abusers aren’t always so easy to spot. In fact, many people in emotionally abusive relationships don’t even realize it. Yet, emotional abuse is very common.   People who are emotionally abusive can be quite charming at first. Even after the relationship goes south, it can be very hard to make the decision to leave. So, what does emotional abuse look like? How can you spot the red flags? Educating yourself on this issue can help you navigate romantic relationships. Here are several warning signs of emotional abuse that everyone [...]

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5 Ways to Deal with Financial Stress

According to the American Psychological Association, 64% of Americans struggle with financial stress, to one degree or another. Worries about making enough money, saving for retirement, paying the mortgage or rent are common concerns. What this statistic boils down to is no small concern as stress can lead to other kinds of problems. Any type of stress, if it occurs over an extended period, can become chronic. Chronic stress can severely impact your health, causing hypertension, gaining weight, or heart disease. Plus, financial stress strains relationships and is a leading cause for why couples divorce. If you are concerned about financial stress and want help, [...]

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How to Become a Better Parent Through Technology

Technology has proven to have its ups and downs. If you’re a parent, you’ve probably seen countless articles and heard plenty of news stories about how technology is harmful to your kids and family. You undoubtedly have days where you wish you could unplug everything. But, as a parent, there are some aspects of technology that can genuinely help you to be better. That doesn’t just mean using the latest tech tools to teach your kids something new. Technology can help you to be a better parent to your children, but it can also provide you with the tools and resources [...]

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