So, What Are the Rules? Setting Expectations for Relationships

Written by: Courtney Kershaw   Do you ever find yourself in a relationship with someone and all the sudden you’re taken off guard by a new situation with no real sense of how to handle it or what to expect? No? Just me? Ok, well just in case anyone can relate, let’s talk about it. When I say relationships, this obviously applies to romantic relationships, but it’s also true of platonic and familial experiences. Humans are dynamic and being in close contact with others requires an amount of flexibility and understanding of yourself and the other person to navigate new territory. Setting [...]

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Getting Through a Rut: When Therapy Feels Stalled

Written by: Courtney Kershaw     Whether therapy is for individuals, couples, or families, one of the first tasks is to create goals together. Goals are specific to you and what exactly you’re looking to get out of the therapy experience. And then you spend your time working towards those goals with your therapist. Maybe you even discover some other topics along the way. So, what do you do when it feels like you’ve stopped moving, but you know you’re not “done”? When you know you still have therapeutic work to do, but you find that therapy sessions are a little stale [...]

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How Do I Forgive After An Affair?

Written by Kate Pauley         If you’ve ever been betrayed by your partner, you may wonder if you’ll ever be able to forgive and move on. But what really is forgiveness, and how does one do it? How do you know when it is time to forgive? For many, the narrative around forgiveness has typically sounded like, “when someone says they’re sorry, you forgive them,” but we know that forgiveness isn’t that easy. Forgiveness is not granted in a single moment, but rather through a gradual process of building empathy and compassion while reducing resentment. While your partner [...]

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Why Does the World Need Marriage Counselling and More Marriage Counselors?

Now, more than ever, does the world need modern marriage counseling and even more marriage counselors. The COVID-19 pandemic has created an ‘invisible’ mental health epidemic. As a result, we see even higher anxiety, depression, suicide, and divorce rates higher than in previous years. The lockdown of last year, combined with the ‘pressure cooker’ conditions that persist today, has created the perfect environment for negative cycles, patterns, and worsening of domestic issues. The good news: people are seeking marriage counseling more often now, more so than in previous years. Marriage counselors have observed that from 10% of total therapy sessions, 90% [...]

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5 Reasons to Start Marriage Counseling

Written by: Courtney Kershaw   “Do we keep doing things the way we’ve been doing them, or do we do something different?” There is a common place most couples find themselves right before starting counseling. That place is the decision point. Making the choice to do something different and reach out for support can be an incredibly powerful experience, and there is no one reason to do it. Couples can have a variety of outcomes they’re looking for when it comes to starting counseling. These can be some common reasons couples reach out for counseling: You feel stuck Have you ever hit [...]

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Save Your Relationship Today with Couples Counseling in Colorado

Save Your Relationship Today with Couples Counseling in Colorado   Do you feel lonely, hurt, and isolated in your relationship?   Are you at the point in your relationship when the feeling of deep trust and connection with your partner or spouse has faded, only to be replaced with endless conflict, anger, and blaming one another for minor things? Did you notice that you may already be fighting too much and you fight more than communicate with one another? These are severe signs that your relationship may be in danger. These are not ‘normal’ occurrences if they have become the only [...]

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How Do You Know? Taking Steps to Start Counseling

Written by: Courtney Kershaw   Are you a person? Great! Then counseling could be for you. I know it’s not quite that simple, but the essence is true. One common experience is that people start looking for counseling support when they are in crisis. It’s urgent, it can be chaotic, and if you can’t find someone quickly it can be overwhelming. The truth is that you don’t need to be in crisis to get support. Many people, couples, families, and individuals alike all find benefits in having routine check-ins with someone who is there to just support life along the way. It [...]

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Slowing Down When Things Speed Up

Written by: Courtney Kershaw   We all know that life comes with it’s ups and downs. Sometimes we are in a busy go-go-go season, sometimes we’re in a bit of a lull. It can naturally be easier to find time for self-care and focusing on your mental health when the pace is slower and you have more opportunity, but how do we re-prioritize taking time for self-care and mental health when life speeds up again? As the world starts regaining it’s pace, it can be important to explore means of making space for mental health needs. Why should you make time for [...]

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Self-Resourcing: You’ve Got This

Written by: Courtney Kershaw   Whether you tend to identify more as an introvert or as an extrovert, it’s part of the human experience to navigate some level of balance between relying on others and relying on yourself. Some people have learned to depend on themselves first and only ask for help or support in times of dire need, others have a different level of comfort seeking support from others for any number of needs. While reaching out to your network in a time of need is something that I highly recommend (it’s kind of my thing as a therapist), it’s also [...]

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Saying Yes

Written by: Courtney Kershaw   When you are standing on the precipice of a new experience, you are standing at the point where every possibility exists. Sometimes the possibilities are exciting, sometimes they are terrifying, and sometimes they are a bit of both. But, that moment when you are getting ready to step into the unknow can be an amazing place to check in with yourself and decide how you want to take that step. How often do you notice yourself saying “no” to new experiences out of fear? Fear that you do not know what to expect in the experience, or [...]

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