About Courtney Redman


Courtney Redman

As a Midwest native, Colorado has been a breath of fresh (and less humid) air for the better part of a decade. I originally relocated here to complete my Master of Arts in Marriage and Family therapy at the University of Colorado Denver. I have since fallen in love with the food, culture, friends, and outdoor adventures that Colorado has to offer.

I naturally tend to be an observer in life, and my innate curiosity about people’s experiences draws me to the field of psychology; and counseling was the perfect way to put both my personality and my education into practice. I think the most surprising aspect of counseling for me is that I get to show up in the therapy room exactly as I am. While I feel no pressure to be anything different from my authentic self in therapy, I am also constantly challenged by my clients to see what I am capable of. And just as I strive to show up in therapy as my most authentic self, I understand the importance of holding a space for the people I work with so that they can feel comfortable showing up exactly as they are as well.

Being curious about people’s experiences grew a passion in me to work with relationships. I have found that Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is an exceptional tool for my work, and I am consistently amazed and gratified by the wealth of support that it can offer. EFT also influences my work with individuals, as I believe that much of the distress we feel as individuals stem from the emotional isolation, sadness, and worry that comes from the distress we have in our relationships. I have observed this to be true in my own life, and it has shown itself to be true for the clients I work with. 

My work in addictions is also heavily influenced by my passion for relationships. I take a non-blaming stance with the people I work with, and I help them find and heal their underlying stressors. Those stressors are often rooted in relationships, either past or present, so my relationship friendly approach to therapy meshes very well with my training and experience in the field of addictions.

I have felt profoundly privileged that people have invited me into their life to walk alongside them and to support working towards change. And I feel very lucky to be practicing here at the Colorado Center for Couples and Families (CCCF), because the people I work with and the values held by this organization fit so well with my own.

Regardless of what identities you hold, what relationships you are in, or what issues you are struggling with, I will approach you from a curious and non-judgmental stance. I want to get to know you and I hope you will enjoy the process as much as I do.