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Kate Pauley

Kate Pauley

I am an extrovert; I find energy through connecting with others. I have always been this way but didn’t understand the significance of this great gift it was until I was an adult. My ability to connect with others in a sincere, whole-hearted, authentic way is a gift because it enables me to do the thing I love: marriage and family therapy.

Despite my inner knowing that I was designed to work with people, I took a job in technology on Wall Street when I graduated college. I worked in technology for several years, and I hated every minute of it. Looking back, I am grateful that I was so miserable because it led me down a path of intentional self-discovery. In 2017 I quit my job and went on a retreat in Costa Rica to become a certified yoga instructor. During this time, I learned so much about myself. I realized that I had been ignoring important parts of myself for the New York lifestyle, (which didn’t suit me anyway). I completely overhauled my life, packed my belongings, and moved out to Colorado to create a life that inspired me.

I committed myself to self-discovery. I utilized hot yoga to quiet my mind, nature to connect with myself, and self-help books and therapy to learn about myself. Through this work I came home to a career in therapy.

This decision to become a Marriage and Family Therapist changed everything for me. I found myself consistently energized to learn more, I was happier, and I was making a difference in the world that I was truly proud of.

I genuinely care about each and every one of my clients. I want for you what you want for you. When I show up in the therapy room, I will be 100% present and dedicated to your goals and growth. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the tears in a clients eyes as I hear them share how much they have changed and how much happier they are since starting therapy. And the best part for me is that I am simply a facilitator and a witness, YOU are the one who puts in the work and gets to reap the benefits. I love that about therapy, that the progress that a client makes is his/hers/their own and no one can take that away.

I work with individuals, couples, partners, dyads of any kind (mothers/daughters, fathers/sons, siblings, best friends, etc.). I truly believe that you are capable of achieving exactly what it is you want out of this life, and that is what I want for you. If you choose to work with me, you will see my passion for this work come through in each and every session. My openness makes me easy to talk to, my flexibility makes it easy to work with me, and my commitment makes it easy to achieve goals with me. I hope for the very best for you and would love to talk with you about creating the life you want to lead. Please feel free to reach out or contact me at any time.