About Alice Ryan

Alice Ryan

While I loved growing up in Chicago enjoying the elements of big city living along with amazing food and Lake Michigan I never looked back when I moved to Colorado. I relocated to pursue my masters and going to the University of Denver confirmed social work was the right career path for me. 

I love the state of Colorado and quickly adapted to the outdoor lifestyle where I spend my non-professional hours trail running, mountain biking and skiing. Every time I head to the mountains I am always looking for the perfect trail. Additionally, one of my goals is to run a half marathon. I am also an avid dog lover and hope to soon get one of my own to enjoy my many outdoor adventures together. While I do love being outdoors I consider myself a homebody. I spend my down time baking and cooking at home and curling up watching movies with friends. 

I am the youngest of a family of five and consider myself to have a strong and meaningful relationship with both my parents and my siblings. My parents have been an astounding example of what a true partnership looks like as they navigated life together. Although never perfect, I look to them as an example of a healthy loving relationship. I am the youngest of my siblings with an older sister and older brother. Somehow, I always found myself attempting to mediate and interpret the meaning behind my family’s actions or emotions. This definitely has inspired my career choice more than I realized. I feel extremely lucky to call most of my family members friends and truly appreciate the importance of human connection on a deeper level.

Before starting at Colorado Center for Couples and Families, I was able to work with survivors of intimate partner abuse. That experience has made me proficient in domestic violence and emphasized the importance of trauma informed care. I felt profoundly rewarded working with clients to heal from trauma and achieve their future relationship goals. This work allowed me to serve a community that I am passionate about while also gaining amazing relational therapy experience. This experience has shaped the way that I work with relationships and I take an attachment approach seeking understanding of motivation behind actions coming from a place of curiosity. 

If you choose to work with me I will come from a place of non-judgment and openness. I want to collaborate with you to reach your goals and will be your number one cheerleader. Regardless of what your goals are, where you are in your journey or what identities you hold it would be my honor to work with you and your loved ones.