About Caitlin Edwards

I came to the field of couples and family therapy through a circuitous (but adventurous) route.  Although I knew from the age of eighteen that one of my purposes is to be a counselor, it has been a journey to finally finding my identity as a couple and family therapist.  A Colorado native, I gave up shoveling snow to move to California to pursue my undergraduate degree in Psychology with an emphasis in human sexuality.  At that time I was determined to become a sex therapist and, as a result, ended up working in women’s healthcare for eight years.  Although I remain passionate about social justice advocacy for women’s healthcare, I was unsatisfied with my lack of ability to truly address the underlying issues these women were facing.  As such, I moved in to the field of couple and family therapy.  Throughout my life I have experienced essential element of strong familial connections to promote integration and wellbeing.  I find I am the most nourished when I aid in developing strong, loving bonds between couples and families.  As a recent graduate of University of Colorado Denver, I am thrilled to begin practicing attachment-based therapies, particularly Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, at the Center for Colorado Couples and Families.  Since moving back to Denver I have learned to enjoy shoveling snow and everything else outdoors no matter what the temperature.


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Caitlin Edwards